In her varying professional roles as coach, trainer, researcher, and educational consultant, Allison Holzer educates others on how to cultivate and sustain their personal, emotional, and professional growth. Allison founded and writes the Bliss Blog, translating her expertise into simple, concrete, and user-friendly tips that anyone can use to enhance positive emotions and contentment in their daily life. Allison’s work as an educational writer  leverages her work for the Pursuit of Happiness organization, whose mission is to provide educational resources about Positive Psychology to teachers, parents and students worldwide. As a consultant for POH, she writes lesson plans on the history and science of happiness for secondary level teachers who want to incorporate these ideas into their classrooms.

As a coach, Allison works with teachers, students, and young professionals on their personal, emotional, and professional growth. Allison co-designed and currently manages the coaching program for the Emotionally Literate Schools study at Yale University’s Health, Emotion & Behavior Lab where she coaches teachers on Emotional Literacy in the Classroom, supervises other coaches, and researches the impact of  coaching. As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Certified Secondary Education Teacher, and researcher, Allison investigates the role that coaching and mentoring plays in the professional development of teachers.

Finally, Allison combines her dual interests and backgrounds in Education and Fine Art by writing and illustrating educational children’s books.  Allison completed her Masters of Art in Teaching (M.A.T.) at American University, where she also earned an M.F.A.  She has a B.A. in Psychological and Brain Sciences, with an emphasis on learning, from Dartmouth College, where she collaborated with Dr. Everett Koop at the Koop Institute on a research-to-practice senior project for secondary education teachers. She currently lives in New Haven, CT with her husband, Paul, and dog, Stella.