bliss-tip-3by Allison Aboud Holzer

One quick peruse through Facebook Groups shows the abundance of opportunities we have to express our commitment to causes, groups or organizations. My personal favorite is the “Chocolate=Love!” group of which I am a loyal member and committed chocolate eater! Belonging is a natural part of human nature that starts in the playground and continues through adulthood, driving team sports, the Greek system, Superbowl frenzy, political campaigns and walk-a-thons, to name a few. But what about being a loyal and committed member of the most important group of all… Team YOU?

When my husband Paul applied to business school, he had some lofty ambitions. He wanted to attend one of the best schools for social enterprise and receive a scholarship. He knew he needed support to achieve his goals, so he asked his father and me for help. We called ourselves “Team Paul.” Our team held regular meetings to strategize for him and to offer feedback. We each brought different perspectives, strengths and talents to the table. We worked hard to help Paul move steadily in the direction of his goals, while also having loads of fun! And guess what? Against fierce odds, Paul gained admittance to one of the best schools for social enterprise with a scholarship.

So, how do you start up a Team YOU?

  1. Decide on the theme of your team. Do you want to focus on a short-term goal, like admittance to graduate school? Or, rather, a long-term goal like achieving better physical health or fulfillment in your work?
  2. Select your team members. Having the theme of your group clearly stated will probably point you in the right direction. Choose supportive friends who will bring unique strengths and knowledge to your team.
  3. Ask them to join. Explicitly ask them to join. Invite them to dinner or a conference call and explain upfront what you need from them – like how often you would like to meet and how they can best support you.
  4. Act as team leader. You’ve courageously asked for support and gathered your troops. Now, you’re the one who sets the stage for success. Set guidelines for how often you meet, what you discuss, and what you need to move forward.

I know what you might be thinking. Trust me, Team YOU is *not* narcissistic! The most generous thing you can do in your life is prioritize your own fulfillment and personal growth. Your happiness, your growth, your success ultimately benefits the people and the world around you!